Car Tent

Want to go camping without the hassle and expense of an RV? A car tent may be the answer! A car tent attaches to the back of your car, van, SUV or truck, turning it into a self-contained camping machine. The list below shows some of the highest-rated, best value car tents from

Texsport The Lodge Square Dome Car Tent Review

A car tent like the Texsport The Lodge Square Dome SUV tent is available for just $140. This tent can either stand alone or attach easily to the back of most sport utility vehicles. How’s that for easy, convenient, and inexpensive camping? In addition, this car tent is comfortable. The floor area is 10 feet by 10 feet, allowing sleeping and storage space for five people. The peak height of the unit is an impressive 86 inches, so you won’t feel cramped.

The Texsport The Lodge Square Dome SUV tent is ruggedly constructed of nylon taffeta – light yet strong – with an easy-to-clean, durable, water-resistant polyethylene floor. There is a large T-style door, a backdoor, and two windows. Since the windows are equipped with no-see-um mesh and zippered storm flaps, your ventilation is protected. The rainfly comes with an extended awning for added protection from the weather.

SUV Tent

The Texsport is freestanding, so you can try it with or without your SUV. It is easy to set up, complete with stakes, zippered carry/storage bag and instructions. There is a three year limited warranty. The materials are flame retardant.

Here’s how one satisfied customer raved about the Texsport: “I have zero complaints on this tent. As a bonus the expedition has rear A/C and we were able to cool the tent nicely with the trucks’ A/C!! Had the only air conditioned tent on the grounds!” However, beware of using it in the rain, according to another reviewer: “it leaked so badly that everything in the tent was wet, including us. I have camped for many years, and I have never spent a more uncomfortable night in a tent.”

Explorer 2 SUV Car Tent Review

Another great option in car tents is the Explorer 2 SUV tent for only $130. This tent fits SUVs and minivans with lift gate rear panels less than 67” wide, and without external spare tire. It sets up in less than 5 minutes! All you do is drape the tent over your vehicle, use bungee cords to connect to the tire wells, raise the gate and you’re done! This tent gets you up off the ground and can be used anywhere your vehicle goes. With the Explorer 2 SUV tent, you’ll have high quality, value price, great workmanship, and easy utility. The fabric is 5-ounce polyester and flame resistant. There is an inverted T door zipper, no see-um mesh insect screens, tie-back door panels, and two-way zippers. A carry/storage bag is included.

Car Tent

One satisfied customer insists, “I wouldn’t have ever gone camping if it weren’t for this invention. This tent turned my SUV into a small camper, but at a fraction of the cost.” Another purchaser of the Explorer 2 SUV tent complains, however, “If it rains you WILL get wet, and you’ll have to close your hatchback to stay dry completely defeating the purpose of the tent.” Another reviewer makes a good point by mentioning “ You can close the tailgate from inside the car without taking down the tent if it becomes necessary to do so, such as if severe weather occurs or a bear comes around! ”

Sportz SUV Tent Review

A third option in car tents is the Sportz SUV Tent, although the cost is quite a bit more, at about $310. This tent wraps around the cargo area of your vehicle, allowing total access to your vehicle for storage or an additional sleeping area. It sleeps 5 or 6 adults. How spacious is it? It’s a roomy 10 foot by 10 foot tent with over 7 feet of headroom. The Sportz is basically a sleeve attached to your vehicle to convert cargo space into sleeping space. It can also be used as a stand-alone tent.

There are 2 large entrance doors and 3 no-see-um mesh windows. The fabric is polyester taffeta. There is a tape-seamed rain fly with a 6 x 6 awning for shade. The bathtub-style floor and GoBe Dry ultimate rain protection system ensure you don’t get wet. Like the other car tents, the Sportz includes a carrying bag for storage.

Reviewers of the Sportz SUV Tent wished for only one improvement: “ The only thing in addition to the tent I would recommend is a 12X18′ heavy duty tarp to be placed under the tent. ”